Daniel Casimir


You know him as the enormous figure standing upright with his big bass behind Nubya Garcia, Joe Armon-Jones and Ashley Henry. But Daniel Casimir is a great artist within his own right and now is the time to join his fellow London luminaries at the forefront of jazz as a bandleader.

It might be due to the supporting-cast role that is often given to Casimir’s instrument of choice, that he doesn’t seem as much of a household name as the rest of his British contemporaries. But this doesn’t mean that he isn’t in high regard among his peers, both as a live musician and as a composer. The fact that he played with Lonnie Liston Smith is testament to the fact.

Following a 2017 debut, his latest effort on the Jazz Re:Freshed label is an exposé of highly skilled songwriting. On Boxing In, Casimir focuses on several sensuous strings, woodwinds and brass orchestrations. Something we can’t get enough of, to be honest.

Some of the greatest artists made their best works when they include string arrangements and other orchestrations. Think about Charlie Parker’s Bird With Strings, Clifford Brown With Strings or more recently Kamasi Washington’s epics. We are curious how Daniel Casimir will translate his grand album to the Super-Sonic stage!


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