DOMi & JD Beck


Two youngbloods that don’t even have their first album out, but already got the whole world at their feet. DOMi & JD Beck are the new jazz force to reckon with and you will see them play at Super-Sonic Jazz.

Once upon a time a great artist told us that “jazz is not dead. It just smells funny”. DOMi & JD Beck have been taking these words literally and are putting the funny into the ever expanding universe of jazz. One is a young girl and recent Berklee alumni, born in Nancy, France. The other is an even younger but crazily gifted boy from Dallas that hunches over his drum kit like Animal from the Muppets – but instead of freaking out like he is Keith Moon on coke, he sways, bounces and accelerates with the precision of an atomic clock. DOMi & JD Beck are the two-headed jazz force that is taking over the Internet with the speed of lightning, and the international stages soon after.

They take not taking things seriously very serious. It was not long ago that you had to click on a rat with a saxophone to enter their website. Instead of your typical impersonal artist biography, you read a story about a 12-year old, Nobel Prize winning physicist and a 6-year old sheep investigator who has devoted his life to smooth jazz. But somehow their goofy approach, that they also express visually with the use of bright colors, kiddy animation and often fluffy clothes, completely opens up their jazz, foreshadowing new directions the genre might follow in the next few years. Dilla beats, lush keys, lavish synths and sudden bursts of virtuosity.

A debut album on Anderson .Paak’s new Apeshit imprintt is already on its way, with a release date now set on the 29th of July. The list of guest musicians is out of this world: Paak himself, Thundercat, Herbie Hancock, Mac DeMarco, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes and jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel. These two might like to make jokes, but this is going to be a debut to take very seriously…


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