In a society geared almost exclusively toward the technological, ECHT! forges a different path. ECHT!, as the word in Dutch implies, is all about the real thing. And the real thing is explosive jazz, infused with bursts of electronica and hip hop.

A performance by the Brussel-based quartet is similar to the way a DJ’s set will build up his set. They proceed from beat to beat, exploring transitions, sudden detours and building up a non-stop ascension to an inevitable ecstatic peak.

Anything the legendary LA oddball label Stones Throw puts out could count as an influence, from their glitchiest beat makers to hip hop producers like Jonwayne. But also J Dilla and the abstract, halftime beats of many leftfield producers. The only difference is: ECHT! do it all in real time with live instruments. It truly is a sight to see.


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