JAEL will perform at the 2023 edition of Super-Sonic Jazz Festival in Amsterdam.

JAEL (Live)


In Paradiso

Giovanni Jano, better known as JAEL, is a 28 year old Moluccan recording artist,
producer, DJ and vocalist from The Hague, The Netherlands. His passion for music began from a young age where he grew up in a household surrounded by Moluccan Folk songs, Moluccan Gospel, Soul/Funk & Japanese Funk.

His parents are true Funk/Soul and R&B lovers and infected JAEL with these influences early on. JAEL embraced these sounds together with a broad variety of inspiration and combined it into his own signature sound: from Soulful R&B to Heavy Bass Future Beats with his DJ sets but also in his productions and songwriting.

He has been showcasing his skills as a DJ, instrumentalist, vocalist and producer in these different genres all over the world. His favourite artists are: D’Angelo, Devin Morrison, Dwele, H.E.R, Pino Palladino and many more. JAEL just recently released his debut album “Half As Much” with features such as Alex Isley, Rae
Khalil (Grammy Winning Artist), Jayla Darden, Phabo, The Kount and more. JAEL has been credited by Serato.

JAEL is also a member of the LA Based label and community Soulection and is represented by Studio KOTO, an artist agency, label and management company from Amsterdam. His debut album “Half As Much” (2021) was released on Studio KOTO. With his debut album, JAEL demonstrated that he can produce, record, play his own instruments and sing/write his own songs. JAEL will release a Deluxe Edition of “Half As Much” very soon. For now, you can catch his live shows with some of the
band members from SMANDEM. Aside from his album, JAEL released a compilation album with Studio KOTO featuring Latanya Alberto, FS Green, Wantigga and more. Alongside original music, JAEL released his popular “Remixes & Club Edits” VOL 1 & 2, be on the lookout for Volume 3!


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