In Paradiso

This year we’ll release Super-Sonic Jazz Family Album Comp. Volume 2. The Super-Sonic Jazz community was invited to submit a track and the best of the best were selected for this album. Together we’ll widen the community, to connect and to inspire each other. Our invitation resulted in a 31 track album.

What do Ava Lava, Hatoon, Jelisa and Likeminds and Yasper have in common? They are all on the album and they will play at Super-Sonic Jazz Festival on Sunday.

JELISA is a multitalented artist. She is a singer/songwriter born in Amsterdam with South American roots. At a young age she was Inspired by jazz, soul, the 70’s and artists like Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac, Prince, D’Angelo and Nina Simone. That’s probably why JELISA infuses neo-soul, alternative R&B, pop with a splash of funk and a raw & jazzy sound. Dancing was her first love. She studied performing arts, went from dancing to acting in film and television and working as a model, but she has always been writing songs. JELISA has always been expressing her self through art, piano, dancing, acting, painting and writing. Last year she decided to create her first EP to describe the way she feels including the struggles, confusions and heartbreaks. You will hear the perspective of a young adult in her 20’s. You’ll feel it comes right from the heart, she expresses that easily, with an acoustic, flowing, rhythmic and dreamy vibe.


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