John Carroll Kirby

! Just confirmed !
Singer Eddie Chacon will come with John Carroll Kirby and together they’ll perform their unique take on soul music, neo and retro.

A modern day sound wizard, Moog monster and prophet of the Prophet. It wouldn’t surprise us if John Carroll Kirby has heard every sound known to man, looking for ways to turn them into song.

As such, Kirby is like an alien roaming through LA, between the plastic puppets and sand castles. Along the way, he uncovers the wonderful sounds that lie underneath all the shenanigans in a wonderful travelog. He plays traditional Eastern European folk music with a balkan choir and creates a companion piece to the paintings of an interdimensional traveler from Greece. O, by the way: he produced for artists like Solange, Frank Ocean, Conan Mockasin and Harry Styles, among many others.

He puts all these experiences into his own music, whether it be a jazz septet coming straight from the fusion seventies, beats with new age legend Laraaji or a soundtrack to what could have been a leftfield 80s cop-buddy series.

There’s no telling what John Carroll Kirby will bring with him to the stage, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s all about live creation and whatever happens. We have to say that we rarely have seen a one-man show with such energy and enthusiasm – and JCK probably enjoyed himself even the most of all!


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