Junior “Junya” Appiah

Another young talent coming from the South East of Amsterdam, with roots in Ghana and a musical youth in church. A virtuoso behind the drum set, he played in the live bands of the ever forward thinking Dutch R&B pioneer Full Crate, fresh soul singer Rimon and the ever clever, flashy rapper Yung Nnelg.

Junya explored his Ghanaian roots by forming a highlife live band, playing Dutch festivals. As of this year, he is the proud host of a jam session on top of the A’dam Toren. With his skills as a musician and leadership qualities, he forms the breeding ground of new talent and creativity. We wouldn’t want to hand over the precarious project of the Super-Sonic Jam into any other gifted hands, than those of Junior “Junya” Appiah. Especially given the fact that his musical buddy Bnnyhunna will join him, bringing the community vibes of the church to Paradiso!