Kara Jackson will perform at Super-Sonic Jazz Festival on November 17th in Paradiso

Kara Jackson


In Paradiso

With her voice like a honey-coated blade, Kara creates a blend of emotional folk music and poetic alt-country. With the radical honesty of Nina Simone and the intricate lyricism of Fiona Apple and Joana Newsom, Kara’s lyrics blur the line between poetry and song and demand an attentive ear. Raised by country folk and black feminist poets like Gwendolyn Brooks and Lucille Clifton, Kara’s songs have the softness and warmth of a southern drawl, while still being sharp enough to cut deep. Her debut album, “Why Does the Earth Give Us People to Love?” will be released in September. As a songwriter, Kara fuses her poetic sensibilities with her southern family’s rich musical heritage. Sparse acoustic moments and soaring string sections create space for Kara to use the full architecture of her voice, with bright high notes and devastating lows. The songs on the album are not tied to a traditional song structure instead, the language leads the way.


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