In Paradiso

KOKOROKO is a London-based music group with eight members led by trumpeter and composer Sheila Maurice-Grey. As the members of KOKOROKO entered the London music scene at a young age, they introduced an energetic and rhythmic sound, fusing soulful horns, powerful percussion, funky guitar parts, deep basses, playful keys and choral vocals into a dynamic whole. Their breakthrough came with the release of their 2019 song ‘Abusey Junction’. Their most recent release from 2022, called ‘Could We Be More’, is an ambitious album that captures the essence of KOKOROKO. Each of the 15 tracks on the album bursts with the natural energy that is the foundation of KOKOROKO’s identity. The project features diverse influences ranging from West Africa to London to the Caribbean, switching effortlessly between afrobeat, highlife, soul and funk.


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