Makaya McCraven

Makaya McCraven is equal parts drummer, producer and beat scientist. His approach is hip hop. His live shows are pure jazz and straight fire.

His unique approach to making music seems like the perfect companion piece to our own Super-Sonic Blueprint: “There’s a comradery and social aspect to the music. To me that’s inspiring and in the spirit of collaboration. There are bandleaders, but the collective of individual voices and sounds and the way they influence each other, that’s the fabric of what makes a scene.”

McCraven puts a piece of the DNA hip hop initially borrowed from the different genres, back into his jazz. He does so not only by chopping and sampling old recordings or live instrumentation, but by adding the posse. His albums often are large collages of different sounds and artists. Mixtapes featuring a range of guest artists – each one having a moment to shine, breaks – intervals and wordless skits.

But don’t let this fool you: Makaya McCravens skills behind the drums as a jazz drummer are up there with the best in the game and his live performances are certain to please even the most hardcore jazz fans. Every album he pushes himself to new heights. There is a new one coming, so we really can’t wait what he will bring to this year’s festival!


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