Melanie Charles

Melanie Charles sings, plays whatever instrument she wants and is a master of tape manipulation.

She was taking the brewing Brooklyn music scene by force, when she was given the chance to dig deep into the archives of Verve Records. They handed her complete freedom to pull every master tape from the shelves. A special remix project from Verve’s colossal catalog.

She chose to take the many amazing women who released their songs on the label as the common thread for her collages. Think artists like Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan and Marlena Shaw. The result was real, with fat beats, beautiful samples and jazzy excesses! A modern day collage of historical relevance, capturing the sentiments of all generations.

Her music is an imaginative mix of experimental beats, traditional soul, her background as a trained flautist and deep-rooted Haitian roots. Her voice reminds us more than once of Erykah Badu – and no one has ever not like that.

Jazz has never been far away since her mother introduced the music to her. Paying tribute to the women who made her fall in love with the music is paying a tribute to the woman who made her who she is. 

A loving character and a true artist. We are thrilled to have her on the stage. For those who love the young, powerful and outrageously experimental women KeiyaA, Liv.e and Yaya Bey.


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