SUPER-SONIC JAM w/ Bnnyhunna, ELS Di Incredible & Junya


Last year’s edition of the festival we were witness to a very special event: the Super-Sonic Jam Session. Was it something both musicians and music fans were missing, to create and to observe creation in real time? Or was it born out of the dire need to (re-)connect after two dark and often solitary years of on-and-off lockdowns? Either way, last year’s jam was magical and this year’s will be of cosmic proportions.

We are glad to see that the event really resonated with the community and has led to regular jam sessions all over town. Artists we consider part of our family are given the chance to lead their own jam sessions, from Doka in the Volkshotel (Els Di Incredible), A’dam Toren (Junya) and the Orange Blues jazz sessions in Soho House (Bnnyhunna). And precisely these three talents will host the Super-Sonic Jam 2022, a place for everyone to create and connect.

Free your creativity, feel the community.

SIEM will DJ in between and after the jams

Wednesday November 16 | 19:30 | GET YOUR TICKETS

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