The New Originals x SSJ

The New Originals and Super-Sonic Jazz are two families who occasionally come together to give the community ....

Summer Dance Forever is an important international hiphop dance festival. Dancers from around the world gather in the city of Amsterdam each year in August. Seven days to enjoy an international dance feast, packed with the best of today and the great promises of tomorrow. Organized in several venues around town, expect a great variety of dance performances, next level battles and workshops to refresh and boost your skills. A true summer in one of Europe’s hottest cities, soaked in dance, to be remembered forever.

10 Years Summer Dance Forever


Celebrating the tenth anniversary of Summer Dance Forever – Amsterdam’s insanely popular international hip hop festival – Super-Sonic Jazz has teamed up with Dance Regular to release a ten-track explosion of organic soulful house, broken beat, and bass-heavy uplifting cuts, ripe for the Summer Dance Forever 2020 dancefloor. 

CoOp Presents x Clubbing Forever

Summer Dance Forever is an international urban dance and theatre festival with battles, workshops, performances, parties and a seminar, where dancers from around the world gather in the city of Amsterdam, each year in August. To promote the 10-year anniversary of SDF the ‘CoOp Presents x Clubbing Forever’ special club night was created. Due to COVID-19, everything had to be presented online this year. That is why some of Londons dopest music and dance collectives came together to record a live session for the ‘CoOp Presents x Clubbing Forever’ special. It turned into a virtual dance feast packed with dance competitions (popping, locking, waacking, house dance and hiphop), club nights, dance performances, workshops, films, seminars and much more.

The full show – with music by LCSM, Ig Culture and Dance Regular EVM128 & James Rudie – was broadcasted by Summer Dance Forever Worldwide on Thursday August 20, 2020. 

Patta x Summer Dance Forever x SSJ

“Heus, a proper local legend if ever there was one.” – Patta Article 

Co-founder of Super-Sonic Jazz and Summer Dance Forever, Kees Heus, also known as KC the Funkaholic, was interviewed bij Patta and shared some memorable story’s about his long-standing career as a DJ, programmer and a bit of SDF history. More importantly, Heus created an exclusive mix for the Patta x Summer Dance Forever collaboration. Listen to the full mix down below.

To transform this incredible collaboration in a forever memory, Patta and Summer Dance Forever teamed up to create a long sleeve shirt and a towel.

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