Camilla George

Alongside peers as Nubya Garcia, Shabaka Hutchings, and Zara McFarlane, saxophonist Camilla George is a veteran of the rising London jazz scene. Her music is a captivating fusion of jazz, hip-hop, and afro-futurism. Camilla’s music is politically minded and closely connected to African history. Now based in the UK, the artist was born in Eket, […]

Wayne Snow

Kesiena Ukochovbara, also known as Wayne Snow, was born in Nigeria, reared in France, and currently resides in Germany. “Warm, clean and soothing”. Wayne Snow’s music has an undeniable warmth to it. One that combines modern neo-soul, alternative pop, and the sun-kissed, soulful vibes of his own country, Nigeria. Alongside these genres expect to find […]

DOMi & JD Beck


Two youngbloods that don’t even have their first album out, but already got the whole world at their feet. DOMi & JD Beck are the new jazz force to reckon with and you will see them play at Super-Sonic Jazz. Once upon a time a great artist told us that “jazz is not dead. It […]

Nu Genea (Full Band)


Let’s jazz rave! Nu Genea are two DJ’s who turned their extensive knowledge of all the music and sounds in the world into an act with live instrumentation. Call it jazz, call it funk, call it balearic, call it whatever you’d like: it’s dope as hell. But if hell is on a Mediterranean island, has […]