Brass Rave Unit

Fri 01 December

in Tolhuistuin

Doors open 19:30, Start 20:30


Including day membership*

*) Price including €2,00 service costs

In the twilight zone between industrial rock, dark techno, and nocturnal ecstasy is Brass Rave Unit, the power trio of the Amsterdam underground. At unprecedented times, where you don’t usually find wind instruments, this three-man formation brings focus, energy and an unparalleled dedication to the night. With “it burns the midnight oil,” the band brings the sounds of Amsterdam’s nightlife to a long player that knows no mercy. As part of this release, the band brings a show that combines all their experience and love for the craft into something you have to experience to understand. With shows at Glastonbury, in the nightclubs of Berlin in the subway stations of New York, Brass Rave Unit already has nearly a decade of experience in whipping up audiences, keeping them high and playing them flat. You can know Brass Rave Unit from the guys who have already achieved success with bands like Jungle by Night and Gallowstreet, with whom they also share a studio.

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