Okvsho +experience

Fri 12 May

in Paradiso

Doors open 19:00, Start 19:30

€ 14,00

Price for members*

*) Price including €3,00 service costs
Excluding €4,00 monthly membership

This May, as spring will come to an end and vibrant summer days are ahead of us, there is no better time to invite Swiss duo Okvsho to the stage.

One of the most promising prospects of upcoming musicians and producers from Switzerland. The two brothers, that go by the name Georg & Christoph Kiss, both have a background in hip-hop and electronic music, but make danceable jazz with soul and funk influences under the name Okvsho. After effortlessly transitioning from sample based bedroom beats and loop heavy productions to self composed songs, Okvsho managed to elevate their sounds even further. Through playing with local jazz-musicians, their live-band project celebrated jazz as dance music with driving rhythms. Now, they are known for their cheerful, spontaneous and energetic live shows. We have the pleasure to present the duo live with their accompanying band +experience at Paradiso.

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