Laura Misch

Thu 16 November

in Paradiso

Doors open 19:00, Start 19:30


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Saxophonist, producer, and singer-songwriter Laura Misch is steadily working to define her own sound through the synthesis of her two main expressions: saxophone and vocals. She intertwines these components through exploratory productions that increasingly nod to the characteristics of electronic music. Laura’s fusion of jazz structures, beats, and soundscapes places her more among, than within, the bustling scenes of South London. As the name suggests, she is indeed ‘the sister of’, but she is more than that. Her music is characterized by a dreamy atmosphere and experimental sounds that define her unique style. With her ongoing artistic growth, Laura Misch remains an exciting artist to watch. Her new album, ‘Sample The Sky’, will be released later this year, and on November 16th, she will perform it at Paradiso.

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