Super-Sonic Jazz Festival 2023 · Friday

Fri 17 November

in Paradiso

Doors open 18:30, Start 19:00


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Super-Sonic Jazz Festival 2023 · Friday

Durand Bernarr, Gallowstreet, Sam Gendel, Sungazer, ROLROLROL, Kara Jackson, Tallulah Rose, TNO Soundsystem



19.00 Kara Jackson

20.30 Talullah Rose


Main Hall

19.45 Sam GEndel

21.15 Durand Bernarr

22.45 Sungazer

00:00 SIEM

00:30 Jembaa Groove

01:15 DJ Shamis / Lucas Benjamin

01:45 Gallowstreet

03:00 Likeminds

03:45 Estafete

00:00 The New Originals Sound

Durand Bernarr

“Singer-songwriter Durand Bernarr marches to the beat of his own rhythmically cool drum – and it’s infectious! Billboard named him an “artist to know” in 2019, Lena Waithe called him one of her favorite singers, and he’s racked up more than 10 million views on his YouTube channel, where audiences can’t get enough of both his covers and original music. 
 Born in Cleveland , Ohio, and based in Los Angeles, Durand has built a career performing with Erykah Badu and collaborating with the likes of the Internet, Anderson. Paak, Ari Lennox and Teedra Moses. His larger-than-life range is wrapped in a buttery-smooth voice that leaves you wanting just one (or one hundred) more sensual vocal runs.
 Durand’s first EP, Sound Check, was released to accolades in 2016, and in 2019, Durand co-produced and featured on “Freefall,” a track on KAYTRANADA’s album BUBBA, which has already accumulated more than 2 million plays on Spotify alone. Now, in the words of Billboard Magazine, “Durand Bernarr is bringing his silky pipes to the forefront,” with his highly anticipated new album to be released in Q2 of 2020. 
Fans old and new can expect Durand’s velvety vocals with rich lyrical storytelling, representing the core of who Durand Bernarr really is – a musical coming of age, free of shame and guilt, and embracing every piece of his true self.”

Kara Jackson

With her voice like a honey-coated blade, Kara creates a blend of emotional folk music and poetic alt-country. With the radical honesty of Nina Simone and the intricate lyricism of Fiona Apple and Joana Newsom, Kara’s lyrics blur the line between poetry and song and demand an attentive ear. Raised by country folk and black feminist poets like Gwendolyn Brooks and Lucille Clifton, Kara’s songs have the softness and warmth of a southern drawl, while still being sharp enough to cut deep. Her debut album, “Why Does the Earth Give Us People to Love?” will be released in September. As a songwriter, Kara fuses her poetic sensibilities with her southern family’s rich musical heritage. Sparse acoustic moments and soaring string sections create space for Kara to use the full architecture of her voice, with bright high notes and devastating lows. The songs on the album are not tied to a traditional song structure instead, the language leads the way.


ROLROLROL is the upbeat new project of adventurous producer Jameszoo and equally adventurous keyboardist Niels Broos. Over the years, they have worked a lot on each other’s projects, but there was also always room for the two of them to sit in the studio with no purpose, just to make music. Some great tracks came out of that, but neither dared to claim them for their own project, and so special things kept lying around. Now they decided it was time to release that music. The album “MUSIC” was released in June, the first single of which was a collaboration with Jamie Woon. The album is a mixture of pop, modern jazz and electronic music. 

Sam Gendel

Sam Gendel has risen to prominence within Los Angeles’ vibrant ambient jazz scene. His virtuosity on the saxophone has brought him fame, although he has also mastered other instruments. He has collaborated with diverse artists such as Ry Cooder, Moses Sumney, Mach-Hommy and Vampire Weekend, building a diverse discography that includes nu jazz, avant-garde jazz, ambient jazz and experimental hip-hop. His most recent work, ‘COOKUP’ from 2023, offers his own impressionistic interpretation of classic R&B hits and includes tracks by artists such as Beyoncé, Aaliyah and Erykah Badu. Gendel demonstrates his versatility on ‘COOKUP’ by playing various instruments, including the saxophone, wind controller, synthesizer, piano, bass recorder and nylon guitar.


International future jazz duo Sungazer was founded by YouTuber and bassist Adam Neely and drummer Shawn Crowder. Since 2014, the two have been bringing out their unique blend of jazz fusion, 8-bit, progressive rock and EDM. Their goal is to explore the human element of improvisation within the context of modern electronic music. After a promising EP ‘Sungazer, Vol.2’ released in 2019, they released their debut album ‘Perihelion’ in 2021. Exciting, innovative and always unpredictable. Sungazer bridges the gap between jazz fusion improvisation and modern electronic music.

Tallulah rOSE

Tallulah Rose explores communion through her music with her voice and tenor sax. She presents a contrast, combining the explosive and psychedelic with the peaceful and ethereal, to show her unique and personal story. In her Debut Album ‘Every Move’ released in April 2024, She dives into themes which are both personal and universal such as sexuality, spirituality, nature and grief. She expresses her experience with a refreshing and honest perspective. Tallulah Rose presents a grooving yet intimately soulful show with her 5-piece band of International young musicians.  Artists like Jordan Rakei, Noname and Robert Glasper, and the sounds of neo-soul, jazz, hip-hop, and electronics inspire her.

Tallulah Rose is also part of The Nest. With The Nest, four or five emerging artists are invited annually to come together and make new music over the course of seven days in BIRD. They present the result of their work at least three times to the public: first during a try-out, the second time during the premiere at BIRDfest, and the third time during North Sea Round Town festival.

To ensure that music continues to develop, The Nest invests in the development of local makers. They facilitate a place where the makers can come together, co-create and experiment with artistic ideas. They build a community where artists are encouraged and supported to discover and experiment musically. With The Nest, they aim to facilitate new collaborations, new developments and new music in the jazz, hip-hop and electronic scene and they want to achieve this by bringing together a very diverse group of artists.


Gallowstreet is a brass band that merges brass with hiphop, funk, and house. They come from Amsterdam’s Galgenstraat (also known as “Gallowstreet”) to catch, entangle, and deliver the most brutal brass sound you’ve ever heard. The boys from the Gallowstreet create a fresh take on live music by seeking input from DJs and producers and drawing inspiration from the dynamic nightlife of Amsterdam. And this year at Super Sonic Jazz Festival 2022 they will be delivering a grand show full of symphonic dance music on November 18 at Paradiso.


SIEM’s passion for music was instilled in him from a young age within the walls of his parental home. Even in his early years, the Dutch DJ was exposed to the intricate rhythms and harmonies of his father’s record collection, laying the foundation for his creative journey in the realm of music. Alongside his brother Vincent, he formed the duo ‘Tenzers’ and rapidly made their mark in the Dutch club scene with their refined track selections. However, SIEM’s vision extended beyond merely getting people to dance. Leading to him, along with a few like-minded individuals, creating the label ‘Super-Sonic Jazz.’ After a temporary absence from the rapidly growing label, SIEM is back and fully prepared to once again share his passion for music with the world. On Friday and Saturday during Super-Sonic Jazz Festival, SIEM will keep the Main Hall of Paradiso warm with his eclectic mix of jazz, soul, hip-hop, broken beat, and more, in between the live shows.

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