Super-Sonic Jazz Festival 2023 · Sunday

Sun 19 November

in Paradiso

Doors open 18:00, Start 18:30


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Super-Sonic Jazz Festival 2023 · Sunday

Bnnyhunna, JAEL (live), SMANDEM., The Nest, RADIOHOP, Super-Sonic Jazz Family Comp. Volume 2 Live

Unfortunately JAEL is not able to perform due to illness. We have therefore changed the timetable below.



18:30 The Nest: Tallaluh Rose, Siegfried Hart, Joshua Lutz en Joop de Graaf
21:30 SMANDEM.

Main Hall

19:15 Bnnyhunna
20:45 Super-Sonic Jazz Family Album Comp. Volume 2 Live: Ava Lava, Hatoon, JELISA, en Likeminds begeleid door Yasper
21:45 SSJ Jam x The New Originals led by Els di Incredible

Jael (Live)

Giovanni Jano, better known as JAEL, is a 28 year old Moluccan recording artist,
producer, DJ and vocalist from The Hague, The Netherlands. His passion for music began from a young age where he grew up in a household surrounded by Moluccan Folk songs, Moluccan Gospel, Soul/Funk & Japanese Funk.

His parents are true Funk/Soul and R&B lovers and infected JAEL with these influences early on. JAEL embraced these sounds together with a broad variety of inspiration and combined it into his own signature sound: from Soulful R&B to Heavy Bass Future Beats with his DJ sets but also in his productions and songwriting.

He has been showcasing his skills as a DJ, instrumentalist, vocalist and producer in these different genres all over the world. His favourite artists are: D’Angelo, Devin Morrison, Dwele, H.E.R, Pino Palladino and many more. JAEL just recently released his debut album “Half As Much” with features such as Alex Isley, Rae
Khalil (Grammy Winning Artist), Jayla Darden, Phabo, The Kount and more. JAEL has been credited by Serato.

JAEL is also a member of the LA Based label and community Soulection and is represented by Studio KOTO, an artist agency, label and management company from Amsterdam. His debut album “Half As Much” (2021) was released on Studio KOTO. With his debut album, JAEL demonstrated that he can produce, record, play his own instruments and sing/write his own songs. JAEL will release a Deluxe Edition of “Half As Much” very soon. For now, you can catch his live shows with some of the
band members from SMANDEM. Aside from his album, JAEL released a compilation album with Studio KOTO featuring Latanya Alberto, FS Green, Wantigga and more. Alongside original music, JAEL released his popular “Remixes & Club Edits” VOL 1 & 2, be on the lookout for Volume 3!


Amsterdam based SMANDEM. proves that an incredible skill set and an open-minded approach causes genre distinctions to blur into pure energy. Inspired by the likes of Herbie Hancock, Christian Scott and Wayne Shorter as well as Travis Scott and Drake, the four-friend-strong collective produces a sound that is deeply rooted into the jazz tradition, yet it doesn’t restrain to any style boundaries or formal etiquette. They strive forward and explore ways to marry their delicate ability with present-day popular music. With a strong friendship at core, their dynamic live-show effortlessly accelerates from lush harmonies into colorful mixtures of dense rhythms and fierce improvisation.


Exploring the merge between grooves and jazz, RADIOHOP is an Amsterdam based fusion/hip-hop group with members Johnny Biner (Guitar), Joshua Lutz (Keys), Joel F Svedberg (Bass) and Euan Jenkins (Drums). They look to push and explore new sonic areas, whilst maintaining the legacy and feel of the greats, gaining inspiration across the spectrum from Herbie Hancock to Kaidi Tatham to Azymuth. The group are currently releasing their first highly anticipated releases, bringing their imagination to fruition.

The Nest vol.3

With The Nest, four or five emerging artists are invited annually to come together and make new music over the course of seven days in BIRD. They present the result of their work at least three times to the public: first during a try-out, the second time during the premiere at BIRDfest, and the third time during North Sea Round Town festival.

To ensure that music continues to develop, The Nest invests in the development of local makers. They facilitate a place where the makers can come together, co-create and experiment with artistic ideas. They build a community where artists are encouraged and supported to discover and experiment musically. With The Nest, they aim to facilitate new collaborations, new developments and new music in the jazz, hip-hop and electronic scene and they want to achieve this by bringing together a very diverse group of artists.


Curious about who is part of The Nest? Bassist Joop de Graaf plays in projects such as Brintex Collective, DANDANA and Imaginarium. He also has his own project called Y.O.P.E, in which jazz, electronic tunes and the occasional breakbeat dominate. Y.O.P.E’s debut album will be released in 2024. Keyboardist Joshua Lutz, also known by his alias Halfpastseven, is making a name for himself in the international producer community because of his jazz approach to creating instrumental beats. The carefully chosen chord progressions, his laid-back attitude and catchy melodies are the toestenist’s trademarks. Drummer Siegfried Hart from Aruba is passionate about putting down a unique and groovy sound by combining traditional music from the Netherlands Antilles with jazz and hip-hop. His approach to music is experimental and innovative, and he always looks for ways to surprise. Singer and saxophonist Tallulah Molleson, also known as Tallulah Rose, explores connection in her music with her voice and tenor sax. In her debut album, “Every Move,” due out next year, she delves into personal and universal themes, such as sexuality, spirituality, nature and grief. Tallulah can also be seen with her solo project at Super-Sonic Jazz Festival on Friday, Nov. 15.

Super-sonic family album comp. volume 2

This year, Super-Sonic Jazz Family Album Comp. Volume 2 will be released. The Super-Sonic Jazz community was asked to submit a track and only the best were selected for the album. This resulted in a 15 song album + 10 bonus tracks. What do Ava Lava, Hatoon, JELISA, and Likeminds have in common? They are all on the album and they will play at Super-Sonic Jazz Festival on Sunday. They are accompanied by Yasper and his band.


Musically coming to fruition due to Sunday service in church: it might feel like something of a different time – or at least here in the Netherlands. But for the young gifted Bnnyhunna, full name Benjamin Ankomah, church is the place where he became the magnificent multi-instrumentalist he is now.

As son of a Ghanaian family, the country’s highlife music filled his youth years. Highlife music melodically and rhythmically mixes traditional Akan music played with western instruments, “urban youth dance music” Kpanlogo and adds jazzy horn sections and harmonies. Church furthered Bnnyhunna’s immersion into music, as it was an important part of the service. It’s where he learned to play the piano, and soon after every other instrument he could put his hands on.

When his cousin taught him how to mix different instruments together on his own, Bnnyhunna experienced the utter euphoric moment of being completely self-sufficient. The rest is history: as a beat maker and producer he is the regular for Dutch acts like Rimon, Yung Nnelg, Gaidaa, Winne and Akwasi; as a skilled musician he has toured with José James and Arp Frique. Now it’s time to step away from the shade, into the light. His first EP SINTHA was released in 2021. And there is a lot more coming soon…

Heavenly sounds
To think of it… so much wonderful music has arised from the metaphysical. Highly spirited people, religious harmony and churches all over the world. Jazz, especially the black jazz artists, has never not had a religious component to it.

From the early recordings of singers Mahalia Jackson, Rosetta Tharpe, as well as composer and pianist Mary Lou Wiliams, incorporating jazz into their gospel hymns formulating a sort of sacred jazz, to the spiritual jazz of the 60s and 70s, overtly referencing to all different religions in the world. John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme might be one of the most compelling and forthright expressions of one man’s spirituality. And aren’t Marvin Gaye’s and Aretha Franklin’s seminal soul albums What’s Going On (1971) and Amazing Grace (1972) the most beautiful Godly prayers ever turned into song?

Anderson .Paak, Masego and John Legend are amazing artists known to have their musical roots in church. We think we can add Bnnyhunna to that list.

Super-Sonic Jam x The New Originals lead by Els Di Incredible

Extraordinary drummer and jam master Emmanuel Afriye, better known as ELS, is an immensely talented artist who plays in the bands of artists such as Frenna and Jonna Fraser. During the Super-Sonic Jazz Festival 2023, The New Originals and Super-Sonic Jazz are organizing a jam session with ELS for the second consecutive year in the Grote Zaal of Paradiso. In this jam session, ELS takes the lead, and you can hear him play everything from trap to amapiano. Everything ELS touches with his fellow musicians quickly turns groovy, and he revives the art of jam sessions with his talent and energy.

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