Super-Sonic Jazz Festival 2023 · Highlife Special · live: THE CAVEMEN. + Junya & Friends

Sat 18 November

in Paradiso

Doors open 23:59


Including day membership*

*) Price including €2,00 service costs

Super-Sonic Jazz Festival 2023 · Club Night
Highlife Special · live: The Cavemen. + Junya & Friends

The Cavemen. is a Lagos, Nigeria-based duo consisting of Kingsley Chukwudi Okorie and his brother Benjamin Chukwudi James. Filled with a desire to make the kind of music they grew up with, the gentlemen have embarked on a journey to bring the sounds of the past into the future. In the process, the brothers have become a representation of the importance of celebrating our heroes of the past through music. The Cavemen. have collectively developed a genre called “Highlife Fusion,” which combines highlife, afrobeat, jazz and soul music. Since their debut, the band has released two studio albums, “Roots” and “Love and Highlife,” which garnered over 90 million streams and won multiple awards.


Line-up ‘Highlife Special’


The Cavemen
Junya & Friends


The New Originals Soundsystem














Junya & Friends

Drummer Junya Appiah is now a familiar face at Super-Sonic Jazz. He has performed several times at the Super-Sonic Jam with the likes of Els Di Incredible and Bnnyhunna. Junya Appiah drums in the bands of Rimon and Full Crate, among others, and was already jamming as a 2-year-old. ‘My mother is a drummer, vocalist and guitarist and used to sing while cooking. I would grab some pans and spoons and make music together,’ Appiah said. The drummer is of Ghanaian descent, and during this set, he will make music with band members who also have the same roots and will play highlife together.


High life has its origins in the 19th century and has influences from ancient rhythms and genres. The music is generally characterised by jazzy horns and the two-finger plucking guitar style that represents many African music genres. In recent years, highly danceable music has become more uptempo, and synths play a more important role.

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