In Paradiso

B. Cool Aid is a collaborative project in which Pink Siifu and Ahwlee merge their distinct styles to create a mesmerizing fusion of jazz and hip-hop. Pink Siifu, known for his eclectic approach and introspective lyricism, brings a soulful depth to the duo’s sound. Ahwlee, with his innovative production techniques, adds layers of texture and rhythm, pushing the boundaries of traditional hip-hop. Together, they form a dynamic partnership that transcends genres. The duo’s music harmoniously blends jazz and hip-hop, reflecting the energy and diversity of Los Angeles while exploring themes of urban life and cultural identity, inviting listeners on a journey of musical exploration and expression. 

This performance is going to be an special one. They are bringing a lot of friends on stage: DJ Harrison, Jimetta Rose and V.C.R are all coming along. 

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