Upcoming Super Sonic Jazz events

Mon 02 October

Tue 03 October

Thu 12 October

London based singer combines jazz, r&b and neo soul

Mon 16 October

unique style of r&b with garage, drill and neo-soul influences

Wed 01 November

UK jazz trumpeter

Thu 02 November

Funky tunes by Snarky Puppy band member

Wed 08 November

Balances on the border between modern R&B and soulful hip-hop

Fri 10 November

Engaged jazz, indie, R&B and soul

Tue 14 November

Showcase of the Mokums Toeter & Trommel Kollektief

Wed 15 November

Thu 16 November

Unique mix of jazz, electronic music and soul

Thu 16 November

Fri 17 November

With Durand Bernarr, Gallowstreet, Sam Gendel, Sungazer, ROLROLROL, Kara Jackson, Tallulah Rose, TNO Soundsystem and more

Fri 17 November

Clubnight with live funk, disco, jazz en boogie

Sat 18 November

With Gaidaa, Kokoroko, Kassa Overall, Theo Croker, Yazmin Lacy, The Cavemen. and more

Sat 18 November

Sun 19 November

With JAEL, Bnnyhunna, Super-Sonic Jazz Family Comp. Volume 2 Live, SMANDEM., The Nest, RADIOHOP and more

Fri 01 December

Three-man formation brings live rave act

Thu 11 April

Virtuoso bassist creates an inventive mix of funk, R&B and jazz

Mon 13 May

British soul-pop singer to keep an eye on
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