Upcoming Super Sonic Jazz events

Sat 27 May

A Funk-flooded coverband by random world-class artists

Sat 03 June

A mix of jazz, funk and traditional Ghanaian music with a hint of electronics

Thu 29 June

Experimental cellist from Guatemala

Sat 01 July

Neo-soul singer with a mix of r&b and jazz

Fri 14 July

Grammy soul artist from Philadelphia

Thu 31 August

Saxophonist from UK builds bridge between jazz and classical

Mon 02 October

Funk guitarist and 'hype-man'

Wed 01 November

UK jazz trumpeter

Wed 29 November

Blue-eyed soul from London
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Welcome to Super-Sonic Jazz: The Movement. We’re hoping to bring together music aficionados and musicians and to disconnect a little more from our online lives.