The Nest Vol. 3


In Paradiso

With The Nest, four or five emerging artists are invited annually to come together and make new music over the course of seven days in BIRD. They present the result of their work at least three times to the public: first during a try-out, the second time during the premiere at BIRDfest, and the third time during North Sea Round Town festival.

To ensure that music continues to develop, The Nest invests in the development of local makers. They facilitate a place where the makers can come together, co-create and experiment with artistic ideas. They build a community where artists are encouraged and supported to discover and experiment musically. With The Nest, they aim to facilitate new collaborations, new developments and new music in the jazz, hip-hop and electronic scene and they want to achieve this by bringing together a very diverse group of artists.


Curious about who is part of The Nest? Bassist Joop de Graaf plays in projects such as Brintex Collective, DANDANA and Imaginarium. He also has his own project called Y.O.P.E, in which jazz, electronic tunes and the occasional breakbeat dominate. Y.O.P.E’s debut album will be released in 2024. Keyboardist Joshua Lutz, also known by his alias Halfpastseven, is making a name for himself in the international producer community because of his jazz approach to creating instrumental beats. The carefully chosen chord progressions, his laid-back attitude and catchy melodies are the toestenist’s trademarks. Drummer Siegfried Hart from Aruba is passionate about putting down a unique and groovy sound by combining traditional music from the Netherlands Antilles with jazz and hip-hop. His approach to music is experimental and innovative, and he always looks for ways to surprise. Singer and saxophonist Tallulah Molleson, also known as Tallulah Rose, explores connection in her music with her voice and tenor sax. In her debut album, “Every Move,” due out next year, she delves into personal and universal themes, such as sexuality, spirituality, nature and grief. Tallulah can also be seen with her solo project at Super-Sonic Jazz Festival on Friday, Nov. 15.


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