In the upcoming months, we will have the opportunity to witness performances of emerging jazz music by some of our southern neighbors. BeraadgGeslagen and Lander & Adriaan will be the ambassadors of Belgo-jazz.

BeraadGeslagen eccentric combination of jazz and Dutch Pop is perfectly demonstrated on their latest album Altijd Bewust Bewegen. Drummer, composer, and producer Lander Gyselinck, whom you may know from his work with rapper Zwangere Guy or as the drummer of STUFF., is found behind the drum kit whereas Fulco Ottervanger takes care of keys and vocals.

Lander’s other project, together with Adriaan Van De Velde gives us a playful and exciting combination between 90s electronic music, Rave and Free-Jazz. They played at various locations in the Netherlands and Belgium last year, not on the stage but on the dancefloor among the audience. Club music serves as a significant source of inspiration for the music of the two jazz instrumentalists. Lander even conducted research for his doctorate on the fusion between club music and the instrumental approach to music-making; Lander & Adriaan is just that.

Perhaps the vibrant Belgian jazz scene could serve as an inspiration for ours.

Come check out Beraadgeslagen at Brakke Grond on March 2 and Lander & Adriaan at Tolhuistuin on May 17. Get your tickets hee.

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