On Thursday, April 4th, the second edition of Super-Sonic Jam x Skatecafe will take place at Skatecafe. Following a successful and sold-out first edition, Els di Incredible is ready to do it all over again. A tight accompanying band takes center stage, literally standing in the middle of the venue surrounded by the audience. During an improvised set, dozens of guest musicians and vocalists are invited to join in, including visitors and amateur musicians.

Exceptional drummer and jam-master Emmanuel Afriye, better known as ELS, is an incredibly talented artist who plays in bands such as Frenna and Jonna Fraser. During the Super-Sonic Jazz Festival 2023, The New Originals and Super-Sonic Jazz organized a jam session with ELS for the second year in a row in the Main Hall of Paradiso. In this jam session, ELS took the lead, showcasing his versatility by playing everything from trap to amapiano. Everything the Amsterdammer touches with his fellow musicians quickly becomes groovy, and he revives the art of jam sessions with his talent and energy.

• From 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM you can eat pizza at Dick & Dick, for which you must make a reservation. Dick & Dick is part of Skatecafe and is located behind Skatecafe on the square.

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Last week, @oliviadean was seen twice in a sold-out large venue, which appeared even larger and fuller than usual due to the mirrored decor, also

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