After two sold-out successful editions in March and April, Super-Sonic Jazz is teaming up once again with Skatecafe on Saturday, June 1st, 2024 for Super-Sonic Jam XL: an extra-large edition of Super-Sonic Jam. Spread across two rooms and the terrace, the event will feature a jam session, live acts, and a soul food barbecue. Following the jam session, you can groove into the early hours during a Super-Sonic Jazz Rave.

During the jam Steam Down will take center stage, surrounded by the audience, and throughout the set, numerous guest musicians and vocalists will be invited to join. Steam Down is a music collective and weekly event in Southeast London, founded in 2017 by multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Ahnansé. Their mission is to connect musicians and producers in London, regardless of their background. Starting as a weekly jam session, Steam Down has become an essential part of the London music scene. Their debut single ‘Free My Skin’ has garnered 2 million views worldwide, and although they’re busy working on their debut album, they’re graciously making time for our jam on June 1st.

Following Steam Down’s jam session, Skatecafe opens the rest of the venue, featuring a performance by ZEP, a remarkable multi-instrumentalist known for his versatile talent and impressive live shows where he plays various instruments. ZEP’s performances are bursting with energy, hyping up the audience and quickly building a large fan base within the skate/break/hip-hop/electronic scene.

Additionally, DJs Leroy Rey, Jerrau, KC The Funkaholic, SIEM, and L-Dopa will keep us grooving throughout the night with their selections, ensuring there’s no option but to dance.

Get your tickets here*

*Please note that there are two types of tickets available for this event:

  1. Super-Sonic Jam XL featuring Steam Down & ZEP – Entry from 18:00
  2. Super-Sonic Jazz Rave – Entry from 22:00 (after Steam Down)

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