Super-Sonic Jazz Family Nights x SMANDEM.

Calling our artists, crew and visitors “family” isn’t something we do without intention: it’s our goal to unite, connect and keep together. If one of us thrives, we all thrive. That is why Super-Sonic Jazz Family Nights was born. As a community we want to express, feel and experience together and support one another. Every Family Night you visit is like exploring Amsterdam’s finest hidden treasures whilst diving into a loving family affair.


The second edition of SSJ’s Family Nights was with none other than the incredibly talented and underrated, Amsterdam rooted band, SMANDEM.

One of the most intimate and authentic shows Tolhuistuin has seen in a while. Not on a distant stage, but in the middle of the crowd is where SMANDEM., the young, Amsterdam-based jazz band, wanted to perform last Friday. Playing a mix of old songs and upcoming releases, telling stories through their instruments, and taking our emotions to beautiful highs and lows, this night showcased what incredible things are to come during the new musical era the band is entering in 2023: “Comet Season”. You won’t find them on stage often, but when you do, best believe you’ll witness some incredible talent baring their souls and refueling yours.

Thank you SMANDEM.

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