An Interview w/ .Multibeat

On May 2nd, Utrecht based trio .Multibeat will play a release show at Paradiso of their latest album ‘Channel Island’. Leading up to their show, we interviewed the guys and got to know them a little better.

Hey guys, could you share how you all came together as Multibeat?

We met at the Utrecht Conservatory and initially played in a jazz-fusion band. However, we found ourselves frequently jamming together as a trio, discovering a more refined sound that resonated with us. It all started with a groove, and it didn’t need to be much more than that. That’s how Multibeat came to be. When we’re in the studio, the process of writing, playing, and producing all kind of glue together.

Could you share some insights into your upcoming album ‘Channel Island’?

“Sure! ‘Channel Island’ is a project we’re really excited about. It’s all about collaboration. Initially, as a band, we intended to stay in the background, a strategic move to network and collaborate with various artists. We wanted to be the go-to band that could easily join other artists, and we’ve built many connections that way. But now, the tables have turned, and artists are joining us. Nine out of the eleven tracks on our album feature collaborations with other artists, and we’re super proud of that.

What’s your take on the music scene in Utrecht/NL, and do you see any changes happening?

The music scene in Utrecht is enjoyable, albeit relatively small. Given our proximity to Amsterdam, we often find ourselves drawn to its scene as well. Recently, there’s been a bit more activity, although the jazz scene remains modest. Despite the vibrant underground scene, live performance venues are somewhat scarce, not only here but throughout the Netherlands. However, there’s gradual growth, with new spaces like Super-Sonic Jam emerging. After all, the Netherlands isn’t that big, so the scene is evolving.

Looking ahead, what are Multibeat’s aspirations and plans for the future?

Our future plans involve continuing to explore instrumental and jazz-inspired sounds while also establishing ourselves as a headline act. We aim to play more live shows, starting with promoting ‘Channel Island’. As for side projects, while diversity brings joy, we recognize the importance of focusing more on Multibeat as our main endeavor. When you’re on tour, there’s hardly time for anything else. Bands like Butcher Brown and Free Nationals serve as inspirations, embodying a similar concept.

Any advice you’d give to other artists based on your experiences?

Collaboration is key. By working together, we not only expand our scene but also strengthen it. Our latest album reflects this idea, bringing people together and showcasing the power of unity. By joining forces, we become greater than the sum of our parts, elevating each other in the process. It’s all about merging into the bigger picture, creating a sense of community. We’re optimistic about the future.

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