Extend the Knowledge: Peven Everett

In 1993, superhero Sun Ra left the chaos of planet earth. But the planet is now in desperate need of spiritual healing. As music is the healing force of the universe, Sun Ra is the only one that can save us. That’s why Super-Sonic Jazz founder and astronaut Kees (KC The Funkaholic) went into space, searching the stars for Sun Ra. Every week, space cadet Kees is awaken from his hyper sleep, to bless us with some timeless music at the radioshow ‘Round Midnight at NPO Soul and Jazz. For Super-Sonic Jazz, he’ll share some extra tunes and stories. We’re kicking off this new series “Kees in Space” strong with underground legend Peven Everett!

“Peven Everett is an unexposed voice of a generation, who will most definitely warm your soul. When he was 17, he was admitted to Berkeley College of Music, but left to perform live with the likes of Betty Carter, Branford Marsalis (in his Buckshot LeFonque) and Winston Marsalis. Since then, the multi-instrumentalist has played on several recordings by the greatest on earth. To name a few of my favorite highlights: Peven collaborated with Roy Davis Jr. on “Gabrielle” and worked on the legendary Gorillaz album “Humanz”. He also had some incredible 12” solo releases – people who live in the clubs, know he has been blessing the dance floors with these warm, soulful club bangers.

For everyone trying to get through these hard winter times, warm your soul by diving into his warm catalog.  Don’t know where to begin? Listen to our all time favorite track: “Struck”!

“I love to see it: In his latest Tiny Desk session, Sampha blends the track “Without” with club classic “Gabrielle” by Seven Everett and Roy Davis Jr, paying respect to this underground legend.”

'Round Midnight

Every Wednesday from 23:00 – 23:59, Super-Sonic Jazz founder Kees (KC The Funkaholic) broadcasts from his space limo, hurtling through space in search of Sun Ra and musical healing – while sharing timeless tracks. Listen to the NPO Soul & Jazz radio show ‘Round Midnight of 10 January:

Tracklist 10 Jan

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