Extend the Knowledge: Bilal

In 1993, superhero Sun Ra left the chaos of planet earth. But the planet is now in desperate need of spiritual healing. As music is the healing force of the universe, Sun Ra is the only one that can save us. That’s why Super-Sonic Jazz founder and astronaut Kees (KC The Funkaholic) went into space, searching the stars for Sun Ra. Every week, space cadet Kees is awaken from his hyper sleep, to bless us with some timeless music at the radioshow ‘Round Midnight at NPO Soul and Jazz. For Super-Sonic Jazz, he’ll share some extra tunes and stories. This week, he’s doing a Bilal Special.

“Why did Bilal never truly break through? He had a huge hit song with his track ‘Soul Sista’ and, to his own annoyance, was dubbed a Sex Symbol. In an interview that I am broadcasting on my radio show, he shares the disappointment he had to cope with when his second album was not released.”

And HOW GOOD are his live performances? Just watch his rendition of Prince’s “The Beautiful Ones” during the 2016 BET Awards… We had the honor of having him at Paradiso during Double Talk Festival in 2000, when he was performing in the backing band for Common (lead by Robert Glasper). The photo is taken by Yamandu Roos.”

'Round Midnight

Every Wednesday from 23:00 – 23:59, Super-Sonic Jazz founder Kees (KC The Funkaholic) broadcasts from his space limo, hurtling through space in search of Sun Ra and musical healing – while sharing timeless tracks. Listen to the NPO Soul & Jazz radio show ‘Round Midnight of 24 January:

Tracklist 24 Jan

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