New Album “The Remedy” by IG Culture (LCSM)

IG Culture (one of the most important protagonists of the UK’s broken beat jazz scene) is releasing a new album on Super-Sonic Jazz Records on the 14th of June!

On “The Remedy”, IG Culture draws parallels between the complex world of fungi and London’s Underground dance music scene. The scene, like fungi, encompasses a variety of styles and genres. Dance floors and clubs serve as spaces for communal healing, allowing people to connect through music and dance. IG Culture’s “The Remedy” celebrates this vibrant underground culture and highlights the interconnectedness of all musical styles. You can pre-order the album now!

The idea of fungi also is expressed in the artwork by our friends Machine, who used fungi in an original collage revealing a secret world.

Today, we released the first single “Givin’ Up”. It features Allysha Joy and is remixed by Shall I Bruk It.


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