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paradiso, De Duif and rush hour

November 14-19 our seventh edition of Super-Sonic Jazz Festival took place. A week overflowed with joy, good energy and of course; beautiful artists sharing their musical gift. We are still reminiscing about this six-headed tour de force. 

Thankfully we hold time in these pictures.


day 1: MoTo Troko

Moto Troko kicked off this years festival: a project consisting of musicians from, among others, Gallowstreet, Valvetronic and Brass Rave Unit, which brings together Amsterdam youths from different backgrounds weekly and trains them to become the city’s newest generation of brass musicians. Supported by Fata Morgana, the lively collective brought a joyous energy that warmed us up for the rest of the week.

day 2: mAMMAL HANDS at De Duif

The second day was in De Duif. A very special location. Mammal Hands: an English trio making a light-footed and dreamy mix of jazz, electronic music and folk, were enchanting this venue and every single soul that entered it.

DAY 3: releaseparty family album vol. 2

Family Instore Session. Freely accessible in-store event in the famous Rush Hour Record Store. Celebrating the second family album released by Super-Sonic Jazz. Artists deserve to flourish, grow and thrive within the Dutch and international music industry. That is why we collect the best hidden treasures that this country has to offer, in an attempt to strengthen the bond between individual artists and create a community where artist’s support each other. Because if one thrives, we all thrive.

DAY 4: Durand Bernarr, Kara Jackson, ROLROLROL, Sam Gendel, Sungazer and Tallulah Rose. Night program: Enter The Gallowstreet (live) + THE NEW ORIGINALS Soundsystem

From Kara Jackson’s vulnerable uniqueness to Durand Bernarr’s extravagant performance. From Talullah’s passionate fire to Sam Gendel’s tasteful minimalism. Closing the night off with Jembaa Groove and Gallowstreet. 

day 5:  Gaidaa, Kassa Overall, Kokoroko, Theo Croker, Yazmin Lacey and Kuna Maze. Night program: Super-Sonic Jazz Highlife Special with The Cavemen. (live) + Junya & Friends (live) + THE NEW ORIGINALS Soundsystem.

Headliners overload!!! This day was filled with pure quality and high vibrations. Kassa laying his soul on stage, Gaidaa lighting up the place, KOKOROKO performing unreleased pearls. Junya & friends to close the main stage with almost every musician in the building. If you were there, you’re lucky. What a night. 

DAY 6: bnnyhunna, SMANDEM., The Nest, SUPER-SONIC FAMILY vol. 2 (live) and RADIOHOP.

A Family Sunday to close this amazing week. It’s what we’re about at Super-Sonic Jazz. Uniting and helping each other grow as a community, as artists, as a family. These values embody our vision and we will never stop exploring and pushing the new. 

thank you

Without a past no future

Enjoy this beautiful artwork of past editions.

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