Check out Makaya McCraven’s new single “Dream Another”

Makaya McCraven has been brewing on something new…. Check out his latest single, “Dream Another”, of the album These Times that is scheduled to be released September 23, 2022!

In fact, he has been waiting to make this particular album for over 7 years. You guys probably know what he did in the meantime: making the dopest beats, jazz, a Gil Scott-Heron reimagining AND an ode to the old Blue Note catalog… And now, Makaya thinks the time is right to unleash These Times…

We honestly can’t wait, as the first two singles sound amazing. We hear a Makaya McCraven who is more subdued, a seemlingly smaller focus on staccato beats and free-ish jazz. It’s melodic and moreover beautifully orchestrated. In this new single, “Dream Another”, you can even recognize the use of sitar reminiscent of seventies soul groups like The Stylistics.

iIt makes us wonder about what Makaya will play the saturday at our festival….

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