Dusk to Dawn: Highlife All-Nighter with The Cavemen and Junya & Friends

The vibrant African dance music Highlife is a mix of traditional sounds and Western music. This genre found its roots in the Ghanaian nightlife scene, where bands would play endless hypnotic sets, stretching from sunset to sunrise.

In the present day, a new generation of musicians hailing from both West Africa and Europe has eagerly embraced highlife, breathing new life into this beloved genre, creating a fresh, futuristic version of highlife. Among these innovative bands are the popular The Cavemen and Junya & Friends, representing the vibrant musical landscape of Amsterdam.

In keeping with the rich tradition of highlife, we’ve invited these two groups to treat you to an all-nighter during Super-Sonic Jazz Festival, so you can dance from dusk to dawn. To set the mood, we’ve prepared an introduction to the greats of highlife, featuring songs by the Godfather of the style, E.T. Mensah, as well as famous bands like Sweet Talks and Vis-a-Vis.

Listen to an introduction to highlife

Saturday Night: HIGHLIFE SPECIAl



The Cavemen
Junya & Friends


The New Originals Soundsystem


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