Makaya McCraven, In These Times

Makaya McCraven’s seemingly restless creativity has brought us a Blue Note beat tape and an ode to Gil Scott-Heron in just two years time. Now he releases a sudden magnum opus, an album that has been brewing in his mind for years – and you can hear it.

Fans of his hip hop infused style shouldn’t worry: his breakbeats and other post-production trickery is still present. But there’s something different about this album. Somehow, McCraven feels more organic and fluid.

He arranged beautiful, sumptuous orchestrations of string and brass ensembles, as well as Brandee Youngers harp to surround his typical beatscapes. It creates an album that feels heavier than we might be be used to listening to McCraven, but it also feels like a deeply spiritual and moving piece of work that will stand the test of time without a doubt. A true masterpiece in our eyes, just in time for his performance at the festival. Listen below.

Saturday 19 November | get your tickets here

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