muva of Earth heals in her new fresh single

Sensuous jazz singer, transformative story teller and ASCENDING SOULSTRESS muva of Earth presents a new musical offering, High. It’s her first release on Gilles Peterson’s love child Brownswood Recordings, so you know it’s good stuff.

From the first time we heard a song by muva on Gilles’ radio show, we were entranced by her voice and productions. In the meantime she shared several singles equally intriguing. It’s hard to put it into words, but she casts a similar mystical and majestic spell on us as, for example, Erykah Badu. We mean, doesn’t that slick bass in High sound Soulquarian-esque?

The fact that she’s now signed for Brownswood Recordings confirms our premonition. Getting Gilles Peterson to vouch for you is like being handed a hood pass into the fresher boroughs of the music industry. High is the perfect first entry. Both smooth and bouncy, soulful and jazzy but with a hip hop edge. It’s testament to her skills as a songwriter and musician.

The song is inspired by a break-up. But instead of dwelling in sadness or spite, you hear empowering words. She is high, or on a higher level. “Thirsting for knowledge, thirsting for thought”. muva of Earth doesn’t want to take people down in self-pity, she lifts people up with a sense of self-relativity and appreciation. muva is a mantra, muva is a healer, muva is an ASCENDING SOULSTRESS.

There are no words to describe how thrilled we are to be able to bring her to Amsterdam. She plays the Super-Sonic Jazz festival on Sunday. Not to be missed. Get your tickets here!

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