The Girl with the Green Shoes…

Last month, Melanie Charles celebrated the 5 year anniversary of her The Girl with the Green Shoes album. Then criminally overlooked, now it’s finally time for a proper recognition of this mystical beauty, including remixes and a vinyl release.

Five years before her major label debut on Verve Records, Melanie Charles already unleashed her unique style onto the world. The lo-fi, quasi-mixtape approach must have been too ahead of its time, because the project never got the recognition it deserved.

The use of her sampler, a variety of EFX pedals, flute and of course he wonderful voice makes for a deep listening experience. It takes time to absorb all the intertextuality between past and present, the nostalgia and blunt honesty of The Girl with the Green Shoes. But anyone patient enough, will fall for a unique intimate music experience.

Five years later, it’s time for Melanie to revisit, and for a lot of other people to finally meet, this massive mixtape. In 2023 it will get a vinyl release. Today we want to share a special remix of “Be On My Side” by Dakim. Listen below.

Melanie Charles will play our Festival… We promise you: she is one to behold, live.

Saturday 19 November | get your tickets here

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