Paradiso is a venue in a former church in the heart of Amsterdam and the birthplace for the Super-Sonic Jazz Festival. Here you will find most of our program.

The venue isn’t just for music. We offer a varied program, from political debates to fashion shows, and from scientific conferences to book presentations: for over 55 years Paradiso has been the place where artists, performers, opinion makers and the audience meet.

Bringing artists and public together
Paradiso’s team possess a boundless curiosity and an immense love for music. They share the common desire of being a venue that makes artists and visitors feel recognised.


Yussef Dayes performing at Super-Sonic Jazz Festival 2018
Yussef Dayes performing at Super-Sonic Jazz Festival 2018
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Join the movement

Welcome to Super-Sonic Jazz: The Movement. We’re hoping to bring together music aficionados and musicians and to disconnect a little more from our online lives.