Super-Sonic Jazz Festival 2024 · Friday Night · We Love Disco with Arp Frique & The Perpetual Singers ·

Fri 15 November

in Paradiso

Doors open 23:59 Start 23:59


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Super-Sonic Jazz Festival 2024 · Friday

Arp Frique & The Perpetual Singers, We Love Disco & TNO Soundsystem


Arp Frique & The Perpetual Singers starring Brandon Delagraentiss and Rocq-E Harrell

Arp Frique returns, embarking on a new journey with his love for organic, funk-based music featuring obscure synths, bubbly basslines, and swirling guitars. This fusion creates a P-funk meets gospel-disco hybrid that’s sure to captivate. Joining him are stellar vocalists like Brandon Delagraentiss, the ‘son of a preacher man’ from Houston, Texas, whose Amsterdam choir, The Gospel Experience, provides powerful vocals. Brandon shares lead vocals on upcoming tracks with legendary LA-born singer Rocq-E Harrell, known for her work with Stevie Wonder, Patti Labelle, and Earth Wind & Fire, as well as tours with Diana Ross and Barry White. With longtime collaborators Marissa Nyamekye and Marilonah Copra, “Arp Frique & The Perpetual Singers” are set to impress at Super-Sonic Jazz.

We Love Disco

A club night where the foundation of club music takes center stage once again: disco. Here, we give a place to timeless classics and new sounds within disco as fuel for the dance floor. Paradiso, a venue with a rich history of disco, is the perfect place for this night. A place where many legendary performances have taken place and unique souls have shared their energy. The dance floor is yours, the night is yours, and the music brings us together.

Rob Manga Rob Manga has been active as a DJ in Amsterdam for over 30 years. His roots lie in the ’90s and early ’00s, where he played at countless legendary venues and parties. His multi-genre approach in his DJ sets stems from an era of musical culture and wisdom. His roots are felt in the broad influence of raw soulful music. He was at the forefront of successful nights like ‘Bassline’, ‘Legends’, and ‘I Love Vinyl’.

KC The Funkaholic DJ KC The Funkaholic has been an indispensable figure in Amsterdam’s nightlife since the ’80s. Initially, he filled the RoXY with soul, funk, and house, and now he is the man behind platforms like Super-Sonic Jazz and Summer Dance Forever. With his mix of music styles, extensive musical knowledge, and commitment to an energetic and diverse dance floor, KC The Funkaholic remains a source of inspiration for Amsterdam’s club culture to this day.

Leroy Rey The Utrecht DJ Leroy Rey has been in the profession for more than three decades and is one of the Netherlands’ most creative and flexible DJs. Loved by both connoisseurs and the public, it is almost impossible to stand still when Leroy employs his encyclopedic knowledge of music, masterful mixing skills, and infectious energy behind the turntables.

TNO Soundsystem

If you haven’t heard of TNO Soundsystem yet, there’s definitely something wrong with your social life. TNO Soundsystem is not only an act, it’s an understanding, and for sure an upcoming legend. TNO (The New Originals) started as a group of young creative talents, driven by the same passion for music and lifestyle, making them construct a top of the bill initiative. Combining their strengths, two of the guys, Yung Nnelg and Malakami, began a DJ act

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