In Paradiso

Arp Frique returns, embarking on a new journey with his love for organic, funk-based music featuring obscure synths, bubbly basslines, and swirling guitars. This fusion creates a P-funk meets gospel-disco hybrid that’s sure to captivate. Joining him are stellar vocalists like Brandon Delagraentiss, the ‘son of a preacher man’ from Houston, Texas, whose Amsterdam choir, The Gospel Experience, provides powerful vocals. Brandon shares lead vocals on upcoming tracks with legendary LA-born singer Rocq-E Harrell, known for her work with Stevie Wonder, Patti Labelle, and Earth Wind & Fire, as well as tours with Diana Ross and Barry White. With longtime collaborators Marissa Nyamekye and Marilonah Copra, “Arp Frique & The Perpetual Singers” are set to impress at Super-Sonic Jazz.

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