Ashley Henry


Classically trained, London shaped. Ashley Henry is just another product of the incredible musical cauldron that is the UK capital. His skills on the piano are beyond dispute, but the way he merges hip hop (check that cover of Nas’ The World Is Yours!!!), soul and UK garage into one delicious hot pot is what makes Henry something else.

After his big label debut, Beautiful Vinyl Hunter, Henry is cooking up a new EP for us. The first singles are out now and it seems that he even found a new voice – literally. We hear him sing by himself for the first time on the beautiful track ‘Melanin’. Drenched in neo-soul chords and with fluttering flute arrangements, it’s his “celebration of beauty, love and Black futurity. The track pays homage to women always trying to provide a safe space for their families and through their culture, and to the safe spaces I’ve found in my life…”. The EP will also be accompanied by Henry’s debut as a film director. There are no boundaries to this man’s creativity…

We can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP. Will it have as many collaborators as his previous outing, on which e.g. Makaya McCraven, Theo Croker and Ben Marc featured? Will he expose more of his own voice and, more importantly, will he sing live at Super-Sonic Festival? With Ashley Henry, there will always be something new and fresh to look forward to.


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