Sam Gendel


In Paradiso

Sam Gendel has risen to prominence within Los Angeles’ vibrant ambient jazz scene. His virtuosity on the saxophone has brought him fame, although he has also mastered other instruments. He has collaborated with diverse artists such as Ry Cooder, Moses Sumney, Mach-Hommy and Vampire Weekend, building a diverse discography that includes nu jazz, avant-garde jazz, ambient jazz and experimental hip-hop. His most recent work, ‘COOKUP’ from 2023, offers his own impressionistic interpretation of classic R&B hits and includes tracks by artists such as Beyoncé, Aaliyah and Erykah Badu. Gendel demonstrates his versatility on ‘COOKUP’ by playing various instruments, including the saxophone, wind controller, synthesizer, piano, bass recorder and nylon guitar.


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