The Super-Sonic Jam

Super-Sonic Jam is a concept that originated in the basement of Paradiso during the annual Super-Sonic Jazz Festival.. During these informal jam sessions, musicians and visitors came together to play late into the night; everything revolved around spontaneity, creativity, and improvisation. Since march 2024, Super-Sonic Jam is a monthly gathering at Skatecafe in Amsterdam-Noord, fostering a vibrant community of musicians and music enthusiasts. Featuring live performances, jam sessions, and networking opportunities, this inclusive event serves as a hub for artistic experimentation and collaboration. Super-Sonic Jazz invites artists to lead the jam sessions. The first two jams were led by Emmanuel Afriyie with his concept Els Jam, and the third is a Super-Sonic Jam XL: an extra-large edition featuring the London collective Steam Down. The night continues into the early hours with Super-Sonic Jazz Rave. Super-Sonic Jam offers a unique space for musicians to showcase their talents, connect with industry professionals, and cultivate new musical projects in an interactive setting.

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Welcome to Super-Sonic Jazz: The Movement. We’re hoping to bring together music aficionados and musicians and to disconnect a little more from our online lives.