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Super-Sonic Family Album

Artists deserve to flourish, grow and thrive within the Dutch and international music industry. That is why we collect the best hidden treasures that this country has to offer, in an attempt to strengthen the bond between individual artists and create a community where artist’s support each other. Because if one thrives, we all thrive.

To help manifest this vision, SSJ has created the Super-Sonic Family Album. For each new album, we put out an open call for all Dutch musicians and producers in search for their unreleased masterpiece or something otherworldly. The album is not tied to genres: jazz is a broad concept. From electronic to spiritualambietech highlifapianojazz – you make the rules. As Wayne Shorter once said: “The word ‘JAZZ’ means to me, I DARE you! Let’s jump into the unknown!”

A compilation album titled Super-Sonic Family Vol. 1 was released in 2019 by Super-Sonic Jazz Records. The record is a cross-section of the year’s most exciting Dutch artists and most adventurous tracks; artists such as Yannick Hiwat, Liquid Spirit and GreyHeads contributed to the album. Listen to the album via this link on Spotify.

This year, Super-Sonic Family Vol. 2 is set for release in November 2023. The album will come out on double vinyl and digitally via Bandcamp and Spotify. There is room for at least 12 tracks by emerging Dutch talent.

Super-Sonic Family Vol. 2 - Open Call
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