A mini interview w/ Mammal Hands

From 14 – 19 November, we’re back with Super-Sonic Jazz Festival! For you to get to know the artists a little better, we decided to ask them a few questions. Check out the answers of Mammal Hands!

Questions for Mammal Hands

What does the last 5 minutes before showtime look like for you?

Jordan: “Often before showtime we are all taking some time to be quiet together, either stretching, meditating, breathing, and generally trying to focus and get into an open communicative headspace for the performance.”

Jesse: “we’re either quickly trying to pack up our gear while thanking the stage crew and chatting to people off the stage or signing things and chatting or potentially backstage nibbling some cheese and crackers.”

What kind of energy do you want to bring to SSJ Festival?

Nick: “We released a new album a few months ago and are still loving the chance to play the new material out and the fresh energy that brings to the show.”

What is the one thing that is always on your rider?

Nick: “The hottest local chilli sauce to get us in the mood.”

What is the track/album that you are most proud of creating?

Nick: “We’re happy with all the records we’ve made but the new album definitely feels like a step up for us and one where we covered a lot of new ground.”

What does the first 5 minutes after your show look like?

Nick: “Usually just 3 very sweaty and confused men trying to find the merch stand.”

On Wednesday November 15th, Mammal Hands will give a Super-Sonic Jazz Festival concert in De Duif. 

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