Rush Hour

Rush Hour Records is one of the official locations for Super-Sonic Jazz Festival 2023. Expect some very special events and dig through their insane collection while you’re at it.  “From it’s earliest beginnings Rush Hour has cultivated itself into a haven for music lovers worldwide. The reputation Rush Hour has built mainly comes from the […]


Paradiso is a venue in a former church in the heart of Amsterdam and the birthplace for the Super-Sonic Jazz Festival. Here you will find most of our program. The venue isn’t just for music. We offer a varied program, from political debates to fashion shows, and from scientific conferences to book presentations: for over […]

De Duif


On Prinsengracht, opposite the idyllic Amstelveld, is a hidden gem: De Duif (‘The Dove’). The church’s modest facade conceals a surprisingly grand interior between stately buildings on either side. Once inside, visitors are stunned by the beauty of this impressive venue. It has been a location for Super-Sonic Jazz Festival since the first edition. On […]