IG Culture presents: Likwid Continual Space Motion II


– Space Will Always Be The Place –

The afrofuturist jazz project of IG Culture, pioneer of the UK broken beat movement, will be present at the Festival, presenting one of his biggest projects to date! Under the moniker Likwid Continual Space Motion, IG bends genre into a colossal hybrid of jazz-fusion, interstellar funk and space age. That way, IG expands his own electronic spearheading into a live band setting. From 16:00 ’til 18:00 you’ll be able to hear a first glimpse and much more!

Super-Sonic Jazz kicked off the new decade with a project very close to our hearts. A huge soundscape that includes all the elements that constitute our label and mission. An afro-futuristic story told by interstellar instruments. Danceable space-age jazz, blurring the lines between the past, the now and the future. It is drenched in the ‘London Bruk Boogie’ IG Culture is known for. IG himself has close ties to Super-Sonic Jazz, working with founder Kees Heus (KC The Funkaholic) on his first imprint Kindred Spirits.

The album Earthbound revolves around a story written by Zecharia Sitchin, who translated old Sumerian tablets about the ancient people of Nibiru returning to earth to discover that the humans, to whom they once passed down their knowledge, are now living in utter chaos.

Now, another project is on it’s way to hit our globe and all earthlings soon. You’ll be able to hear a tip of the iceberg in RUSH HOUR, as IG Culture will be present to do what he does best: spin records and share his limitless knowledge of music. LCSM is a project that is personally dear to us from an amazing artist who deserves all the praise and love he can get.


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