Wayne Snow


Kesiena Ukochovbara, also known as Wayne Snow, was born in Nigeria, reared in France, and currently resides in Germany. “Warm, clean and soothing”. Wayne Snow’s music has an undeniable warmth to it. One that combines modern neo-soul, alternative pop, and the sun-kissed, soulful vibes of his own country, Nigeria. Alongside these genres expect to find some soultronica and jazz.

His background in music and childhood in Nigeria included listening to singers such as Sade, King Sunny Ade, Marvin Gaye, and Fela Kuti. And to top it off, an evident adoration of Afrofuturism will shine through his sound as well. And this year at Super Sonic Jazz Festival 2022 he will be gifting us with his warmth on November 18 at 22:00 in Paradiso.


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