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3 June 2024

First names Super-Sonic Jazz Festival 2024

30 October 2023

Super-Sonic Jazz Festival last names announced

6 July 2023

Super-Sonic Jazz x The New Originals Jazz Club present a new Jazz Club Jam Session.

4 November 2022

The Super-Sonic Jazz Festival 2022 is just days away. This is our full time and day schedule. Updates will be published here.

28 October 2022

This month, muva blesses us with a side project and a lovely feature.

7 October 2022

Last month, Melanie Charles celebrated the 5 year anniversary of her The Girl with the Green Shoes album.

30 September 2022

Makaya McCraven’s seemingly restless creativity has brought us a Blue Note beat tape and an ode to Gil Scott-Heron in just two years time.
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